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The End

“Everything in life would be ok if I only had….”

How would you finish?

Whatever comes at the end of that thought is probably the thing in the world we crave most.

The thing we spend ourselves for.

The thing we trust.

Success? Wealth? Knowledge?

For those in ancient Jerusalem, the world’s great nations seemed to have life sorted.

Military might

Economic growth

Centuries of learning

A rich heritage of pragmatic religion

“If only we could get some of that….”

To those tempted to trust in human power, the word of God came to bring them back to their senses. In chapters 13-27 Isaiah presses fast forward. God reveals will happen to the mightiest at the end. The proud will fall. The strong will crumble. But there is hope in the rubble of human pride for those who trust in the Lord.

Join us as Isaiah disenchants us from the stories that bewitch us with tales of human glory by showing us where they all lead in the end…

How would life change if you knew how it ends?

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