Gateway Church exists to see God’s Word unleashed across the west of Singapore so all can know Jesus and live for His Glory

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Current sermon series

The King in his Beauty

We all face moments of anxiety. Heart pounding, mind racing. A pandemic unfolding. A new normal beginning. A new phase of life. A brush with death. What we turn to when we're under pressure reveals our heart's true refuge.

Isaiah's message to a city under threat continues to resonate today. Join us as we hear promises for people under pressure and discover hope in the true king to come.

Current sermon series

God’s Power to Save

How did a small offshoot of an ancient religion become a world-changing movement? Why do people in every nation today pledge their lives in service to Jesus Christ? Why did Jesus go global? In words that have changed lives and shaped history, the Apostle Paul sets out why Jesus’ coming is momentous news and why it matters for all people everywhere. Join us as we explore Paul’s letter to the Romans and discover God’s power to save.

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10am, every Sunday


Cathay Cineplex JEM,50 Jurong Gateway Road, Level 5 JEM S(608549)