Our Leaders


Our elders oversee the church. They work to ensure we’re a family fit for purpose, holding out the gospel to the world together. The elders are accountable to God for the spiritual care of the Gateway church family and pastor the church by teaching God’s word in public and with individuals.

Paul Holland Senior Pastor

Paul Holland

Senior Pastor

As Senior Pastor of Gateway, Paul leads the staff team and is responsible for preaching, training and pastoral care of the church family. Paul is married to Bi Min and they have two children, Zoe and Ezra. Having grown up in the UK, Paul enjoys exploring Singapore and trying local food. To relax he likes reading fiction, following Formula 1 and having fun with his family.

Damien Sin - Operations, Family Pastor

Damien Sin

Operations, Family Pastor

Damien manages operations at Gateway to achieve the church’s vision. He also supports and equips families at Gateway in their christian discipleship. He is married to Wendy and they have four children: Nathen, Jovian, Matthew and Charlotte. In his free time, Damien enjoys spending time with his family chatting over meals and cycling at the park connector near their home.

Michael Chan - NextGGen Staff

Michael Chan

NextGen Staff

As an elder at Gateway, Michael shares responsibility with the elders team in overseeing the teaching, key decisions and care of the church family. He also leads NextGen Singapore, a ministry under Project Timothy. Michael is married to Isabel. They enjoy having walks and playing word games. Their son and daughter-in-law, Sean and Delicia, are also members of Gateway.


Deacons serve the church by helping to coordinate church activities and providing practical care to members of the church family.

Andre Chong - Deacon

Andre Chong


Andre ensures that the church carries out its work in accordance with the law. Outside of church, Andre works as a lawyer. He is married to Min, with whom he parents a cheeky son, Luke. Together Andre and Min lead a church Community Group.

Ernest Aw - Deacon

Ernest Aw


As a deacon, Ernest helps with coordinating ministries at Gateway and offering practical care to members of the church family. Ernest is married to Shaula and enjoys a game of FIFA.


Both Paul Holland and Damien Sin are also pastoral staff.

Andy Tanzil - Associate Pastor

Andy Tanzil

Associate Pastor

Alongside preaching, Andy helps in training small group leaders. He is married to Vanessa and they have a daughter, Rebekah. In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching tennis.

Shawn Lee - Associate Pastor

Shawn Lee

Associate Pastor

Shawn assists in caring for the church and in preaching and training. He also works with NextGen Singapore in equipping young leaders from various churches in bible handling. He is married to Cheryl, and they have 2 children, Joseph and Jessica. Shawn enjoys watching youtube videos, anything football related, playing FIFA if he has the time, and watching movies with Cheryl.


The G360 training scheme aims to identify, assess and equip potential gospel workers so as to develop the next generation of gospel workers to serve God in Singapore and the world. G360 Trainees combine training in bible handling and gospel ministry with practical ministry experience within the church family.

Sean Chan - G360 Trainee

Sean Chan

G360 Trainee

Sean is a G360 Trainee at Gateway Church. Though he left his job in education, he is still in regular contact with students and youth as the leader of the Youth Group at Gateway. He is married to Delicia, and is now enjoying exercise just a bit more than he used to.

John Chua - G360 Trainee

John Chua

G360 Trainee

John is a G360 trainee at Gateway Church. As well as serving the Gateway family, he also teaches biblical Greek at ETCAsia, where he did his theological studies. John is married to Sora, and they love spending time together with their daughter Elise. Being a trained pianist and music composer, John also enjoys playing and writing music in his spare time.

Kids Worker

Bi Min Holland - Kids Worker

Bi Min Holland

Kids Worker

Bi Min coordinates the kids’ work at Gateway, partnering parents in training up children to know the Lord. She believes that God’s word is for all, no matter how young, so works hard to lead the Kids’ Team in teaching age-appropriate lessons on Sundays. Bi Min is wife to Paul, and mum to Zoe and Ezra. She enjoys kitchen projects, making up games for her kids, and getting lost in a good book.


Caleb Soh - Intern

Caleb Soh


As intern, Caleb assists the staff and church family in any ministry related matters. He lives with his mum, uncle and grandma. He enjoys cooking and making music.

Board of Reference

Our board consists of godly men who provide counsel, advice and pastoral accountability to the leadership of Gateway Church. It has no executive functions.

Denesh Divyanathan

Senior Pastor

Kenneth Lo

Family Pastor

Vaughan Roberts


Gwilym Davies

Trainer & International
Students Worker