Our Values

Gateway Church began life in 2019 with a team commissioned by The Crossing Church to take the gospel to the west of Singapore. Now an independent church family, Gateway continues to pursue its vision to unleash God’s Word in neighbourhoods across the west of Singapore and beyond.

Gospel: We treasure the gospel of grace

The gospel is the life-giving message of hope in Christ. There is nothing more precious. It’s at the centre of everything we do.

Word: We listen carefully to the bible

The living God is not silent. He speaks today in his powerful Word. The Bible gives us all we need to know God and live for him. We work hard to let the Bible set the agenda in the life of our community.

Prayer: We depend on our father in prayer

Through Jesus Christians know God as Father. Talking to him in prayer is our privilege and joy. Prayer expresses our dependence on him. We devote ourselves to prayer on our own and when we come together as a church family.

Community: We grow together as a loving family

The church is God's family. We are a community united in Christ and marked by love. We need each other to make progress in the Christian life.

Mission: We work together to share the gospel

The church is a family with a mission. We work together to make disciples of all nations. We share the gospel in our own communities and partner with others serving the gospel around the world.

Our statement of faith can be found here