If you have little or no previous experience of Christianity, whatever your background, welcome! The resources and links provided here are for you to explore the claims of Jesus Christ, the person at the very heart of Christianity.


From Fear to Faith

We live in uncertain times. A pandemic has swept across the globe leaving in its trail countless dead bodies, wrecked economies, and isolated communities. No one knows if or when it will truly be over. In fact, the only thing that we can be certain about is that the post-coronavirus world will not be the same as the one before. In times like these, our default instinct is to fear. Fear of subsequent waves of the virus, fear of future disruptions to our lives, and even fear of death.

Christianity provides a different way of responding to uncertainty, suffering, and ultimately, death. It is called faith. Not in some abstract hope of a better future somehow but in an actual person – Jesus. He came into this world, died, and rose on the third day never to die again, and he invites us to share in his victory over death by trusting in him.

The aim of this booklet is to introduce you to Jesus – who he is, what he has done, and why you should put your trust in him. It contains 7 short studies in an eyewitness account of his life from the Bible.

Download the booklet here: Mark Booklet – From Fear to Faith


Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored is a short course that allows you to find out what Christianity is really all about in a relaxed and accessible way.

You will get a chance to read one of the early eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life, and examine some of the claims of Jesus for yourself.

There are options for further investigation afterwards.

The next Christianity Explored Course will start on 11 April 2021. Click <here> to sign up.

Here is a simple explanation of the message at the heart of Christianity.

We don’t assume you believe in God but we hope you’ll take the time to engage with his story. It can be told as simply as 3, 2, 1…

Here is a helpful place to find answers to tough questions:

  • If God exists, why is there suffering?
  • How can I trust what the Bible says is true?
  • Aren’t all religions basically the same?
  • And many more


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